Critical "Make or Break" question for Digital Entrepreneurs who STILL don't have full monthly content calendar, and don't bring high traffic to their website, blog and social media:

If you had a predictable, step-by-step method, to create content that your Ideal Customers truly desire, and also you had confidence & massive clarity over who you want to attract, and where to find your customers, without any confusion or "what should I do next..."

Would you feel more confident and empowered because you're generating more revenue, and taking your business to next level with ease, without crazy overwhelm?

Imagine if you created the most amazing content that could bring you tons of profit, and you've written your copy, social media posts, all the graphics to promote your business, services and even free offers. And after all of the hours that you've spend working hard on your content, you're just publishing it all and then....

*Cricket sounds*

After everything that you've done - nothing... This is how It was in my business for years. No one was watching. I was so demotivated, sad and frustrated that I didn't get ANY RESULTS that I wanted to give up.

Actually it happens that I didn't do the right job. Cause... I created just the content. Not the content that could attract the right kind of audience. And I don't mean the copy or what's inside my articles or social media posts. I just got I all wrong.


Sounds familiar?

The good news for you, my friend is...

You don't have to be like this.

Because even if I'm not extra special, and I don't have any space research software, experts behind every step that I make I managed to crack the code and I finally understood what's the TRUE Content Creation About.

I've put all of these techniques, strategist, tools and tips into action-by-action system that I call "Irresistible Content Creator Kit" about which, I'm tellin' you now!


Is the system, roadmap & step-by-step strategy that teach you not only how to create content that converts and turns to profit, but also how to clarify your message, so that you'll attract the right kind of followers to your blog, business & social media. And of course - how to do it without crazy overwhelm and frustration.

And my fav part... I'm showing you how to repurpose your content, so that you'll never struggle with "what to post and where". And oh... I did I mention bonus about list building with your content, social media, and making turning followers to customers?

Imagine what you'll stop doing after you'll set your strong content creation foundations and you'll drop the struggle and stop stressing about "Will it work this time? Will anyone read it anyway?"

I'd love to be the one to support you on this way.


Imagine that content creation doesn't eat up all of your time. How good it's going to feel, when you'll get rid of frustration and creator block?

Imagine if you could finally wake up each day and just see that people are visting your blog, website and knowing that you don't have to rush anymore, cause everything is scheduled, and prepared. You're just seeing the numbers grow.

Stop saying NO to the things that you love, to your dreams and desires. Say YES and leave the struggle behind. With strategies and system from this program + my support - you'll just do it.

You deserve it, and whatever you want to achieve
- I'm here to support you. There won't be only me - but our small and closed, bespoke tribe that will motivate your, inspire your and help you to grow.


BONUSES? Yes, yes!

Learn the how use power of search engine - PINTEREST to drive thousands of traffic each month to your website, blog & email list. Learn step-by-step how I managed to optimise my profile and understand how the system works. (Must have to traffic & list building tool)

Learn how to use power of social media traffic, beat the algorithms and revive your social media profiles. Use the blueprint of hashtag and InstaStories strategies. Learn about how to create & design your signature feed, and my tips on how to catch attention with IGTV or InstaStories even if you don't like to show up on camera.

I couldn't leave you without the support. We have special platform that you can access any time, by just using your phone one app to talk to me whenever you need. Feel free to chat with me or our community! Ask questions and of course ask me for inspirations and other stuff that you need. I'm here for you.

Courses Included with Purchase

Irresistible List Builder - Self-Study
Self-Study Course about building efficient mailing list
Christian Wynns
Discover & Define Your Ideal Customer
The last course you need to define your ICA and learn how to attract + connect with them - step-by-step. Fun. Simple. Profitable.
Christian Wynns

Original Price: €344

This course is a collection of the best working strategies that I’ve been using over years in my business and to teach my students and clients.

Your satisfaction is really important for me, and so are your results. If you finish this course within 14 days, and you're not happy with it, you can not only keep this course, but I’ll give you €160 worth consulting session, 60 minutes 1 on 1 with me. Because it's all about your action. I'll ask you to submit a simple form to prove that you implemented the system, and then schedule a call.

The topic of your session is all up to you. The goals are up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
Does lifetime access sound good, my friend? Yep! :) After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What else beside the training is inside?
A whole step-by-step strategy to create content, and your go-to the library of tools, exercises, and content creation kit. You get all of the swipe-files, workbooks, checklists + tutorials how to create your content like a boss! Also the great bonus section on list building and making money + repurposing your content.
Is it for any specific niche?
No :) If you're creating ANY KIND OF CONTENT ONLINE - this course is for you. It will help you with social media content, blogging and even creating paid one!
If I need help, what can I do?
You can use one of the tools in the Support Tab to connect with me. We have plenty of great options around! Like email, Voxer and soon you'll be able to join our Closed Group Community!
Do you cover tech & design parts?
Of course YES. There's special TECH VAULT that you can access to see all of the tutorials for every single step of this course we're covering.
Do we have to buy anything during this program or spend money on ads?
No! Because I don't like to tell my students "buy this" or "buy that". You'll learn all step-by-step how you can deliver the traffic using free sources. There's a ​bonus Ads Masterclass for those who are interested in something more, but it's a bonus. Not a part of the core program.

Your Instructor

Christian Wynns
Christian Wynns
I'll be your mentor!

Heya! I’m Christian Wynns and I’m a Growth Coach for Digital Business Owners.

My journey started 11 years ago with my small photography blog. It was during my depression recovery process. I was looking for a place to start sharing my experience and connecting with like-minded people. I started to learn about digital marketing, social media and discovered webinars.

I’ve been growing my online business ever since and today years of working and showing up online I taught more than 10.000 entrepreneurs worldwide using my coaching programs, online courses and workshops! I sold out my first book “Habits of Success: Secrets of Self-Time Management” that soon will be published again!

And my passion is teaching. I teach how to turn followers to customers, content to profit and ideas to services + business. I can’t wait to dive deep with you inside the list building process!

You're one decision away from making it simple and profitable at the same time.
We always have choices. You can dig around the web and search for strategist, tips, tools and collect dust in your email box with all the freebies taking you to paid programs


You can join me and have everything in one place. Use the strategies that are working, and making it simple for you. Leave the struggle behind and discover better side of content creation.

Get started now!